Monday, April 4, 2011

Here's where the sad news portion of the blog occurred.  I broke my Kodak EasyShare, dropping it on the floor of the break room bathroom when I was getting changed before work.  The camera turns on, but the lens will not come out so I can still look at pictures, but it no longer functions for taking them.  It provided the much needed kick in the butt to buy a new camera, like I had planned on doing before I came down here, but I'm still sad that I destroyed a camera in the process.  The other bad news for the blog, at least momentarily - I have been using Memory Sticks instead of SD cards on the new camera, and they don't work with the card reader that I have been using to get my photos online and on my computer, so I need to find a way around that - either downloading the Sony software or finding a different card reader.  I could also switch back to SD cards, but I'm wary of erasing anything before I get it printed out.  So I have now 4 months of pictures that just live on the Sony cards.  Now that I'm caught up on the Kodak shots, I'll try to get the Sony ones on here soon.

December 5th I went into WoD - I liked their Christmas decorations.

And on the 3rd, the only shot I took is a slightly blurry one of my present for the day. I am not sure that happened on the 4th.