Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello all!

Welcome everyone to my blog!  Those of you who know me well will probably be surprised that I'm opening up my life in a blog, as I patently refuse to become a member of Facebook.  However, I want a way to share my awesome adventure with everyone as I spend these next (hopefully) nine months as a cast member at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  As most of you also know, I am something of a shutterbug, and am planning on having my camera on me every day, and coming back with more pictures than I will ever be able to put away in albums.  Inspired by our scrap booking adventure into the concept of a 365-picture-a-day book last year, and most specifically Emily's awesome WDW 365 blog over at I am starting my own, not quite 365 day adventure into blogging and posting a picture a day.  Sometimes they will have descriptions, particularly when I feel chatty, and other times the pictures will have to speak for themselves, I'm guessing mostly when I'm exhausted.  I like the idea of a picture-a-day too because as many of you know I'm great at starting projects and then never completing them, particularly when it's for myself, so having it online will keep me accountable.  I hope you all enjoy checking in on me, and thanks for reading!

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