Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I've already missed a day, but not because I didn't desperately want to be on the internet.  Our modem was being incredibly flakey.  I could have taken my laptop over to the pool, but by the time I had decided to do that, it was right as the pool was closing, and honestly I was exhausted.  So, here's today and yesterday...

So this is my third hair color in as many days.  I knew that my roots were too visible, although everyone else said that they couldn't even tell, the Disney Look specialist picked up on them right away.  Funny thing is I met her first at my recruitment meeting at UNC and let her know that I had heard her on Lou Mongello's WDW Radio podcast a year earlier.  She didn't remember me (until today) but suggested I go  get my hair done at a salon.  I wanted to not do that, since I have no idea how to get back to my original hair color, so I tried to dye with the temporary red that caused all the trouble in the first place.  I did that last night.  However, I was worried about it today, and I called to see if someone would check me for the Disney Look again.  Long story slightly shorter, it was deemed not ok and I made an appointment at a local salon that specializes in Disney Look.  The guy was great, and it really wasn't expensive for a professional job, and he did a great job of moving me back to brownish.  It's still really red, but we'll deal with the roots when they come in.  Mom reminded me that my sister's hair was two toned when she was on the CP, from the sunshine on her ponytail, so we'll have to see how it goes.  For right now, it looks nice.  This was the best picture highlighting the hair color, taken in our bathroom.

Then, the stuff I was really excited about.  Yesterday was awesome.  Many of you have heard about it already, but a quick rundown...I got to Vista Way at about 7:30 to check in and the line moved quickly after that to check in.  I was assigned a house, housing id, parking pass and then I got on a bus over to casting where I found out that I was assigned to the Friendship Boats in Epcot!  YAY! (not my picture, ganked from wdwinfo.com)

Then I was told to dye my hair, and some other stuff happened.  I'm trying to update quickly as my internet is still going in and out...still not sure if it's the modem or the routers, but now I'm leaning towards the modem, since neither router seems to be working reliably.  Anywho, this is the view of the back court area that you can see from our patio.

We're really close to all the important buildings, and as I wandered around last night I got a good feel for the layout.  As I walked in the balmy night air, feeling totally safe to be out alone, saying hello to everyone I passed, I knew I had made the right decision.  Even after the mess today, and everything I had to leave behind, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, and I'm really happy about that.

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