Thursday, September 2, 2010

OMG am I tired, but what a great day.  I have been up for 19 hours, and I slept for probably 5 before that.  We had to be on the bus for traditions at 6:45, so that meant I had to be up at 5:45, not to get dressed, but to put on my cover-up makeup and get the stupid glass piercing retainers in, and it turns out make a quick fake hem in my dress pants.  Yay sewing skills!  I also had to sew the bottom of my shirt shut, because it pulls open and doesn't look good.  I had to work hard last night to find a professional outfit that didn't look bad on me, and I had to spend this morning making this one look good.  In my aim to only include things that I was ok machine washing, I didn't pick very good outfits...

We got to Disney University (yay!) and went inside where we were separated into smaller groups.  One  of my apartment-mates, Laura, was in my group, which was nice.  We went up, and before they gave us our cast ids we got the once over.  My name had a little tick mark next to it, so I got a second once over, but she didn't say anything, so I'm hoping I was ok. We went into a conference room that had an amazing mural on both walls (I don't know if anyone else's room looked like that) but I found my favorite little friend in the far corner.

The classroom parts will not be particularly interesting to relay, but the coolest part was getting to go into the Utilidor system underneath the Magic Kingdom.  No pictures, because it's not allowed, but it was awesome getting to go there.  The best part was when we left the system and came out onto Main Street - it was a magical moment for me!  We proceeded to Liberty Square, and when I saw the wait for the Haunted Mansion was 5 minutes, I knew I had to come back after I was done.  I had promised my roommate Avery that I would take her shopping, so we did that first, but then I headed out to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate the occasion.  My pass didn't actually work (oops!) but the gate attendant let me in anyway, and I made it in right at 5pm.  First time I've seen the flag retreat ceremony.  I was very moved by it.

And guess what time it is?  It's Halloween time!

I rode tons of rides before it was time for the fireworks at 9pm (no parade) - I wandered in right before and got a great spot with a nice rail to lean on.  I was surprised that they were back to Wishes already - I'm glad I came out this summer to see the special summer fireworks. Last picture is one for my sister...Wishes (Kaboom)...the frowny face!

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