Monday, September 27, 2010

The internet is working for the moment, yay!  A quick update before it goes out again...this is the sign at our exit on the way to work.  I had to drive today because the bus was full, but this is from when I was on the bus before...

So I realized while trying to get this online last night that I didn't take any pictures on Saturday.  I worked, but I did buy a fun new pin at Company D for Halloween, so I'll have to take a picture of that and put it here.  It features two of my favorite characters, plus it's cast exclusive!

And then on Friday, we had our first rainy/grey day.

Ok, it actually wasn't nearly that gross looking out.  The lens just kept fogging up and even wiping it off I couldn't keep it clear long enough to take a shot.  After wandering around a bit though, I was able to take a picture of the front of our apartment.  This is looking at our living room window.

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