Monday, September 13, 2010

Our internet is terrible...

So I haven't been able to update for awhile, both because I've been working crazy hours and I'm still exhausted and also because the internet here truly blows.  However, I had some excellent days off and a good day at work the last two days.  Here in reverse order, so it still looks like the other posts...

Today we had a get-together for the College Program people at the Odyssey, which we were scheduled for (got paid for) yay!  I was excited that we were in there, since I haven't been in the front part before, and I was excited about getting to meet the management team, except we actually met Bill Cockrell yesterday and no one from our area was there in person today.  It was not particularly interesting.  We got candy, which I didn't partake in, but our table won a cool little item - Spaceship Earths for my earbuds!  I'll be stylin on the bus now!

Monday was super exciting - we had a huge lightning storm that kept the boats from running for a whole hour.  We got to watch Illuminations highlighted by lightning from our dock at the Yacht and Beach Club lighthouse.  It was beautiful and would have made for amazing pictures, if I weren't in costume and not allowed to have my camera on me.  So instead, here's our mascot Barbie.  Not sure her story, she just showed up and hung out on Thursday over the time clock at the IG.

I did have a lovely discussion with a couple while we waited out the storm.  They were going to watch Fantasmic, but we obviously didn't make it, and it would have been canceled anyway.

The day before (Saturday) I got in a few hours at Epcot before I went to Celine and Tom's wonderful housewarming.  I caught the mariachis twice, since the employee entrance is right around there.  They all seem like great guys, and I may have accidentally stumbled into some mariachi lessons.  One of the violinists found out I played after the second show and asked me to play something right there, so of course I couldn't remember anything.  I'm planning on giving him a call tho - I should learn something new and fun!

On Friday night many of my roommates wanted to head out, so we went over to CityWalk at the competition...shouldn't have closed PI or we wouldn't have to.

Sigh...all the signage is still there, including a drink kiosk. Saw it today.

Anywho, my roommates are a lot of fun, as evidenced here by Haley dancing in front of the Bob Marley statue.


  1. I highly endorse the idea of you learning Mariachi violin! I think that would be maravillosa! Theo and I finally got around to watching your recital dvd the other night and both thoroughly enjoyed it. You looked incredibly beautiful.

  2. Thanks! I haven't watched it yet...not ready. Maybe once I get back.