Friday, September 3, 2010

So Haley, one of my apartment-mates who also did not work today, wanted to go explore the other two parks today, so we started off at Animal Kingdom about noon.  We went on the safari, where we saw not only the baby elephant

but the white rhino baby too.  We walked the Pangani Forest Trail so Haley could take pictures of the gorillas, and they were posing for me as always, in both enclosures.

Then we headed over to Everest, Dinosaur!, and then grabbed lunch at Pizzafari.  I understand now why my sister always hated eating in Animal Kingdom...not particularly veggie friendly, and really no healthy choices.  After that we headed out to Magic Kingdom, where we hit up the big rides, and met up with another apartment-mate Chrisy who was done with work.  We're back home early since all of us have to work at 8 am tomorrow.  I finally start training! Hooray!

Hoping to organize my room tonight too...and sleep early.  I have to be up early enough to be Disney Look ready and on the bus at about 7:20...

I did update Wednesday for those who want more description...and one more picture.

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