Friday, September 17, 2010

I only took 78 pictures today - for shame!  Haley and I went to Epcot, because I wanted to check out the new Mexico restaurants that opened.  I think I'm going to go in tomorrow and have dinner after my first day of real work - just the spinach salad so I can stay on plan, although the rest of the dishes looked amazing!  The opening coincided with La Dia de Independencia !Viva Mexico! (I don't know how to do the upside down ! on here...) and there were appropriate flags up.

Then we went to the Studios to catch Fantasmic and met Avery there.  FYI to Disney, having it only twice a week makes the park miserable.  There were too many people for that park to handle, and the line and seating was just insane.  However, we did all enjoy ourselves, and I got a few good pictures, even from the seats we had.  The snake didn't move tonight, but John Smith did get to swing, and I got some cool pics of Sorcerer Mickey!

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