Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This morning there was another CP guy in training, as well as a manager, so we were all on a boat together until we could get an extra one running.  I got to stand watch on the back of the boat as Erica took the boat out of harbor - what a cool view.  We watched them train for awhile, then spent some time practicing port docks before break.  After, we had our own boat so we went out on the Studios run to practice for real.  The main difficulty is staying out of everyone else's way so that we don't mess up the normal flow, because it's down to a science.  We then came in for lunch.  Two days ago I had a picture of the boat in the elbow - today I put it in there myself!  That was the only rough landing I had today, and it was probably the worst so far, but it was because of some misdirection - I was doing the right thing and would have been fine otherwise.  After lunch we went out to the resort loop and followed a boat, docking exactly like they did.  Erica went on the way out, and I got to practice my first spiel, and then I drove on the way back and then did the first half right away on our second trip.  I had totally great dockings everywhere, and in fact a few that warranted an A+ appraisal!  Then, we got silly on the way back.  I was hamming it up on the spieling, so then we got to hear some of Captain Don's A material - very funny.  When we got back it was time to clock out, and the rains came.  I brought things to change into, and we finally have lockers over at the International Gateway, so I changed there and headed right back out on the boats.  I got to the Studios at about 5:10, and went to ride Star Tours right away.  The park was dead, so I walked on and got to stick behind and ride it again.  I managed to get a few more pictures of things that I missed, although I'm sure there are many details that I missed.  There was a guy with a nice camera and tripod set up - in fact, a whole collection of geeks were present, which was good because there was almost no one riding.  I went back out because I was feeling urpy so I saw Muppet Vision 3D and then wandered to Sunset to visit my roommate.  I finally found her down by RnRC - apparently she's floating all down Sunset, not just at the Dockside Diner.  I rode Tower of Terror because it had a short wait, then I meandered back to Star Tours, taking time to get water and trying to walk slow.  Then I realized that I could probably get a second ride in if I went then, so I went on and got to stay for the very last ride (open to the public).  I finally got a pretty good picture of Rex too.

I headed outside and noticed cast members gathered, so I thought I could sneak into the special last ride, but found out that it was just for people who worked in the immediate area, so I headed out to the bus.  I was too wiped to make dinner, but I found out that Chick-Fil-A makes a chicken salad!  Yay!  I also figured out today why I've been so exhausted: my schedule seems easier than everyone elses' but I've been physically and mentally done every afternoon.  I realized today that I was physically willing the boat to stop at the dock just right!   I'm not sure why I think I can will a 66 foot boat into submission, so I'm going to work on relaxing that.  Tomorrow should be interesting, as it will be the first time we have to drive in the dark, and we'll have to bring the boats back after Illuminations.  Another exhausting day, I'm sure.

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