Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day off!

Ok, so I took too many awesome pictures today to just share one, so you can step through the day with me.  After teaching a violin lesson to a mariachi (and learning my first mariachi tune in return) and grocery shopping, I went over to the Studios with Andrea, my roommate.  She had to work at five.  Those of you in the know can tell that her shift was at the ice cream cart at Tower of Terror, which I rode twice because you can't pass up a 13 minute wait.

After, I looked for Avery at the Dockside Cafe, but to no avail.

I saw that I had just missed the boat to Epcot, so I had to wait for the hour boat.  I did not ride anything after the studios, but I did walk through to take pictures of the Food and Wine stuff that has been newly set up.

Pretty pretty Spaceship Earth

Then I went to the Poly for dinner,

as I had my heart set on sashimi.  They have a sashimi plate, with salmon, tuna, and chef's choice (yellowfin today) and it was all on a bed of seaweed salad.  Delicious, and 20% off.

Then I went to the Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes, so that I could compare it to HalloWishes tomorrow.  I had a unique perspective for the first half of the show, as there were two of those Mickey-inside a bigger balloon-balloons in front of me.

I stood close to the Crystal Palace on the walkway.  Finale!

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