Friday, October 1, 2010

Stupid stupid internet...I've been trying to put all of these on for the last three days, and had to give up and walk to the learning center to steal their internet.

So I'll have to add today's to this too.  I went early since there was a cast preview for Food and Wine (really a soft opening) and we also were having a party for doing a good job on the Basics.  New signage was up

and I bought my first food and wine entry, a Moroccan mint iced tea.  I know they sell it normally, but it was the only thing I was sure was ok on the diet.  Tomorrow I'm going to get the seared tuna from Spain.   I enjoyed my drink while I watched MoRockin.

Yesterday I met Laura for lunch at the House of Blues.  I've been down that way, but I never noticed that the restaurant is actually down by Cirque du Solei.  The other part is the concert venue I guess.  It's got some pretty cool statues in the front.

On Tuesday I went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I had a blast, even though it rained like crazy before the party started.  That actually made for some really cool shots, particularly at sunset.

Hallowishes was an awesome fireworks show.  They really incorporated the lighting system on the castle - this is the picture that turned out the best, it was a part featuring Ka'a from the Jungle Book.  Trust in me, just in me...

And I love to see them use the perimeter fireworks

Here's my shadow on a projected Mickey pumpkin.  (I went as Maleficent)

I watched both parades...because of the rain, the first one did not feature the headless horseman, so I had to watch again anyway.  I tried desperately to get pictures of the gravediggers in action - this is the best picture of the lot, but significantly more impressive when you realize that those are sparks from them dragging their shovels on the pavement.

And I realized that my true calling in life is to be one of the dancing ghosts

It was cool to see Main Street specially lighted too.

And I didn't have pictures of me in my Maleficent costume, because they weren't the best pictures of the night, but of course I should have included them.

Before the party, and before going out into the rain.

Me as Maleficent riding the TTA.

Me with my costume inspiration...she said I obviously had good taste.


  1. Really great photos! I've never seen the Halloween stuff from WDW before, and I have to tell you I'm ridiculously jealous right now. Would love to see pics of the Maleficent get-up, btw!

  2. Really your pictures are gorgeous! Just read a really fantastic article about the music at Disney. I think you will enjoy it.

  3. Excellent Heather, thank you for the link!

    I should post one of the Maleficent get up, I'll add that.