Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today I went to Cast Connection with Laura, and then cleaned for awhile, but then headed out to the parks to play a bit.  I started at MK, because it's easier to get home from Epcot, and also because MNSSHP was going to close the park to me at 7.  I caught several musical acts out

and realized that the lines were crazy short.  I worked my way around the park starting from Adventureland.  Me on Prince Charming's Carrousel.

After working my way through, I headed to Epcot at about 6:30.  I got to see lots of the sunset, and finally take pictures since I wasn't in costume this time.  This is the first time that I've actually thought that the stuff behind Spaceship Earth in front of the Fountain of Nations was pretty.

And this is my biggest surprise of the Food and Wine so far - the escargot was the best I have ever had, and I want to have it again.  Amazing, perfect really.

And of course I watched Illuminations again.  I finally got a good picture of the lasers.

Monday is basically a day off, but I now have my class.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm excited about it.  I'm particularly excited about the days we're in the parks, mostly because we get to dress like regular guests and I won't have to do the Disney Look crap on my day off. Anywho, after class I basically went straight to Epcot to catch today's performers, Air Supply.  Didn't know what I'd remember, but again a great show and I knew a lot of their songs.  The lead singer was a super showman, in the greatest 80s sensibility.

On Sunday I was out with new work friend Joey - he is a terrible influence, so here's where we ended up at the end of the night.  My first pizza all summer.  Delicious, but totally not worth it when I gained two pounds back.

On Saturday I headed out straight after work to catch the Eat to the Beat concert, which was Taylor Hicks that night.  I bought some Japanese ribettes on my way and was intent on not spilling the teriyaki sauce all over myself, so I nearly missed my roommates coming the other way.  They had also come to see the concert and were going for a beer, so we grabbed that just in time to get great seats to the concert.

Taylor Hicks, who did all covers and one military song that was a total bummer, which also included the flute player doing Dixieland as an ending.  I don't think that people realize that it's a distinctly unpatriotic song.  However, his voice was great and it was a good performance, so so far only disappointment was Sugar Ray, which is too bad.

And then, since we were there, we watched Illuminations before heading home.

Friday I tried a few new things at Food and Wine, but it was on my lunch break when I also jetted to see Sugar Ray, so I forgot my camera.  I'm going to take pictures of them later.

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