Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today was a special day off to go to Mickey's Not So Scary with the parents and sister and her boyfriend.  It was super much fun to go again, and I got to do a few more things that I missed last time.  Hallowishes is my favorite thing ever now, and I'm going to try to watch it a few more times before it's over from the Poly beach, because it truly is spectacular.

Thursday I worked, but I finally took a picture of my new nametag - I got it a few days before.  Yay Spanish!  Gracias a Senora Atencio por todo.  "Todos me dicen el negro, llorona, negro pero carinoso..."

Wednesday was a work day until 1:30 in the am, but for lunch I had to go to the Portabello Yacht Club for the meatball bar.  I had heard the review on WDW Radio, and immediately had to try it.  It really was as good as they said, and as cheap, as I tried every one for $8, and I would have been fully satisfied with two or three.

Tuesday I was going to go to the class about Francis Ford Coppola's winery, but it was full, so instead I took the time to enjoy Kim Possible.  It really made me more aware of the details around me, and I plan on playing the rest of the missions.  I have so far completed the UK and France.

On Monday I had my second Traditions class, and I was nearly late - apparently the K bus has a new schedule, which since I never ride it I had no idea, and the bus got us to Chatham at about 2 minutes before class instead of 15 as expected.  The Australian chick on the bus with me and I ran from security, leaving us both out of breath, and her phone broken, my high heels in hand.  At least we made it on time.  This is our class activity, which I crapped up with my innovation - my archway was grabbed by Sebastian the crab.  Damn crabs, messing up everything.  We were far from winning anyway, one group's idea was significantly superior.

Then I headed straight over to Epcot to catch Expose, as it was the only show of theirs that I would be able to catch.  Another gorgeous sunset, this time over by the South African kiosk where I grabbed a small dinner.  I finally figured out how to capture the colors on the Kodak too - nighttime setting!

Definitely don't remember their music at all, although one of the singers looked super familiar.

Sunday Ace from upstairs wanted to go to Epcot to experience Food and Wine, and I told him I'd go with him before work.  He was just wonderfully astounded by being in the parks, and so it was a really fun day, to see things like they were new again.  Here he is with Chip and Dale.

We stopped to watch the Jammitors, who are for the moment the Jammin Chefs.

And we also got to see Rapunzel and her dude (what is his name?!?) over by the Millennium Village.  New hot character ahoy!

On Saturday, I got off work early enough to catch another Eat to the Beat concert.  Earlier in the day I had asked a few people on my boat who Howard Jones was, as I couldn't remember anything of his.  One of them played a song from his phone, and it sounded vaguely familiar in a generic 80s pop way.  Well, once I was at the concert I recognized nearly all of his songs, and there was one in particular that used to be a favorite of my sister's back in the late 80s, Everlasting Love.  Here he is rockin out the synth.

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