Friday, October 8, 2010

So you might think to yourself "why post a picture of a sunhat?"  First off, why not?  It's an authentic costume piece from Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Secondly, this hat has a funny story from my roommate to go along with it that I just heard, and had to come down to the learning center to get on the interwebs.  Avery was washing dishes (ew) about 3 weeks ago, and her hat fell off in the dirty dishwater.  Double ew.  She was not about to put it back on her head like that, so she hung it up to hopefully dry out as she finished her shift.  Of course you know where this story goes, she forgets it at the end of a long night and leaves it behind.  She realizes the next day and tries to find it, to no avail.  She's been looking for it ever since, knowing that Disney is about to charge her to replace it, and getting constant reminders that it's still missing.  No one has turned it in, it's just gone.  Tonight as she gets off work her manager calls her over and rather than being in trouble, as she first guessed, her manager has a funny story for her.  Turns out the hat was "found" on the roof of the produce cart.  Someone finally turned it in after finding it on top of a building.  Yay!  Hat found, crisis averted.  Of course the question now being...who thought it was funny to put a sunhat on top of the produce shop?  And did they finally tire of the joke, or did someone else find it?  A mystery indeed.

Yesterday I spent some time at the pool, after going to see Easy A with my roommate (a great film, btw) before heading into work.  The plus side of those 1:30 am closings is that you don't start until the evening.  I got to swim, and then enjoy the sunshine while I finally finished The Shining.  I'm glad I picked it up, I'm finally enjoying Stephen King because of it.  Anywho, the flowers are in bloom here, and I saw these pretty little white ones all over on my way back to the apartment.  There's also hibiscus and lots of other blooms out, although it is starting to get chilly at night on the boats.

And on Tuesday I had a lesson with the mariachi which contained a real breakthrough for him, so I feel like I'm actually helping, which is good.  I spent the day waiting for that and cleaning, and then after my roommates were going to the Alehouse, so I wasn't able to get to a park like I had planned.  So instead, on my way home, I stopped at Downtown Disney.  It was a little cold (I know, I know!) to be walking around much, so I spent some time in WOD looking at Halloween stuff.  I found some cute things I hadn't seen elsewhere (I haven't honestly been shopping much, waiting for the significant discount later) and I really appreciated the displays!

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  1. Yay that's so cool that you're reading some Stephen King! My favorite it The Talisman. Plus now you've got me thinking about seeing Easy A. Theo finds the actress in that flick very hot. We're planning on seeing...*SIGH*...jackass 3d. ah god. Probably also Red, too. I took myself to Life As We Know It (semi lame) because the power was out on my whole block.