Friday, October 15, 2010

Today I had a great day at work, and it started before I even clocked in.  As I was walking to the International Gateway, I saw that Pochohontas had no one to talk to, so I ducked back into our cast area, took off my captain's shirt, and got this picture with her!

After meeting her, I totally think I could be friends with her.

Yesterday we received the White Glove Award for all of our crazy cleaning!  The apartment looks about 10 times better than it did when we moved in, so it was totally worth it.  Thusly, I had to have some of the chocolates in's a good thing that I normally forget how much I like Ferrero Rocher, because they are amazing and I think we could have totally polished off the box last night.  As it is, the first layer is gone today.

On Wednesday night I worked from 4 to 1:30 was a poorly scheduled 8 hour day, and so my lunch break started right before Illuminations.  I was too lazy to take off the costume, so I didn't have my camera with me, but I ended up chatting with a lovely couple.  Here's a shot from the night before instead.  Also, if you saw me that day, I was Olivia, and I went to school somewhere close to Pittsburgh.

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