Saturday, October 2, 2010

So today was my Saturday, and the first part was a wash of laundry, cleaning, repairmen and trying to get out the door.  Once I made it to Epcot tho, I went into the Wonders of Life Pavilion and explored until my coworker Davy called.  We rode Mission Space, which he used to work, so that was a lot of fun.  Then we rode Spaceship Earth with the narration in Japanese, and we got a better animation not understanding the questions.  Then we saw Captain EO before heading out to the American Gardens Theater to catch Kool and the Gang.  The Kodak pavilion looked amazing on the way.

Again, I didn't realize how many of their songs I actually knew, and they put on an awesome show.

We caught both their 6:30 and 7:45 show, and then stuck around for Illuminations.

Yesterday, I met with Laura and Tony for some Food and Wine time before I had to work at 6.  I got to really slow down and enjoy it with them.

Saturday was a fun day as well.  I met with Lou Mongello from WDW Radio at his Meet of the Month - I have wanted to do this for a long time, ever since I won the prize package from him for his Adventureland contest.

It did make for a long day tho, as I was there at about 10am, and didn't start work until 1:45.  Then after I got done I speed walked to the American Gardens Theater to catch Taylor Dayne, since it was the only show I wasn't working during.  She was great, but my pictures didn't turn out terribly well (I walked in just before the concert started, so I was pretty far back) so instead here's a picture from Illuminations, which I watched from the Odyssey.  I had a nice view of the pyro barge, I think.

Then Friday was the first official day of Food and Wine, so a few of my roommates wanted to go.  We spent most of our time in the Welcome Center, which I was super psyched about, since it was in the old Wonders of Life pavilion, and I haven't been in there in years.

We saw Keegan from Food Network Challenge - he was about to give a presentation with his wife.  Apparently they're from Colorado, which I didn't know, so people back home should go try D-bar desserts in Denver.

Then I boogied out to make it to work on time, stopping to get my first real food, the sea scallops at New Zealand.  I've had many other selections now, but New Zealand is still the winner in my book, at least of the relatively-healthy entrees.


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