Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween was like any other day here, although we did see a few costumes.  I'm ready for Halloween to be over tho, since it's been Halloween for about 2 months already.  I did have some Food and Wine beers as I headed around the promenade after work.

As I was leaving work last night they were handing out mickey rice krispie treats - it was delicious and so cute!

Friday I went again to the Poly beach to watch Hallowishes, but this time I had company - Olivia from the boats wanted to come too.  We went into the Lassen Gallery after the fireworks, and we saw that one of their artists had been out painting, so cool!  If I were rich, I would have a whole room in my house devoted to this guy's Disney paintings.

Thursday I sat down to enjoy my dinner, and noticed the new pattern in the zen garden.

On Wednesday I was hanging with the mariachis after the violin lesson, and so I got lots of special attention when I stayed to watch them.

Tuesday I worked in American Gardens Theater at the Billy Ocean concert, and then headed to the Polynesian to watch Hallowishes.  James ripping out of his shirt, because there were no regular sizes left (I'm in a 2xS myself)

I also got my first Guest Service Fanatic card, for wheeling someone down to first aid.
Finale of Hallowishes with perimeter fireworks.

Monday I went to the Magic Kingdom after my class just to ride Small World, since it's newly reopened.

I could not believe how clean it looked.

Sunday Mom and Dad were still here, and we went to Epcot to enjoy Food and Wine.  I had the pork stuffed cabbage with Dad in Poland since it was sort of like sarma.

And Saturday I caught Night Ranger with them (woo hair metal) and then grabbed some food and wine fun on my way out.  The best drink I've ever had, along with a pretty delicious medianoche sandwich.

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