Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is going to be the post of a million pictures, as I haven't even bothered trying to access the internet in two weeks and I've had several long days of playing in the parks and then working.

Today we had our second inspection, and we got the White Glove again!  I was gone tho this time, as it was also the 50% off Food and Wine sale - it turns out if I had been looking for something specific, or really any beer at all, I should have been there before 9 - by the time I got there at 9:15 people were already leaving with their prizes.  As it was, I got a vast assortment of fun things for quite cheap, and was only in line to pay for it for about an hour.  The super plus was that they had shuttles to take you back to your car in cast parking, so I was able to help Ace back to Vista too - he was there before it opened, so he ended up with 2 boxes...my haul, inside the Wonders of Life which will now be closed until next season.

And my wines, although two of them belong to my roommate.

Tonight I'm going to Thanksgiving dinner over at one of the other housing complexes, and there are supposed to be characters so I'll post more pics if I get some!  I ended up having dinner twice, and it was delicious.  They also had characters there, which I didn't want to wait in line for, but at the end I was able to sidle right up to Jack Sparrow.

Monday was my class, and we were meeting at the Magic Kingdom this week.  My instructor David, up on the planters because he's my height.

It's Mickey ornament time!

We started at the entrance and then made our way onto Main Street.

We were just in time for the flag lowering ceremony.

We went down Main Street looking at the windows of importance, pausing along the way.

We walked down to the Swan Boat launch, which I've seen a million times but never have walked down to.  It has a really nice view of Tomorrowland, and it had a wreath too!

I stayed for the Castle lighting ceremony too, and ended up seeing Wishes from BTMR and the path back from Frontierland, but I wasn't taking many photos as I was hanging out with friends from class.

Sunday I went to Food and Wine with Ace at 11, and then met Laura, Tony, Naveen and Pete at about 2, then had work at 4:45.


Found the requisite angel playing a violin for Christmas - it's in Italy.

My friends Joey and Alex.  They're ON A BOAT!

A stop at Poland, no pictures please. Laura and Pete to the right.

And the end of the night, Waffle House which had fallen out as a tradition, but is back baby!  Along with that was the tradition that when Robbie is in Paul's backseat, he finds the PVC pipe that Paul used as a clothes rack while moving here, and proceeds to play it like a tournament trumpet.

Saturday the 13th I raced from work at 8 to catch the very last bit of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the American Gardens Theater.  I got to hear their version of Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book and Go Daddy O, but apparently I missed them doing Hey Pachucho and Zoot Suit Riot, which I would have loved to hear.  I also would have liked to dance, but there is not much room for that in the American Garden Theater aisles.

Friday I enjoyed more Food and Wine, and then headed to work.  I had the stupidest schedule yet, as I was abandoned in the lagoon for over 3 hours, but I did complete a successful portside challenge and it could have been a terrible time if not for the company.  Then the night turned totally around, as some stupidness ended us up at the luxury yacht The FanTaSea right as they were cleaning up the desserts.  We got to stuff ourselves with Pina Colada awesomeness, Passion Fruit awesomeness, and some chocolate awesomeness.

Laura and I had lunch on Thursday after her successful return from Austin, back to her boring job here.  I'm glad she was bored, because that meant we had time for lunch!  Our busser at Wolfgang Pucks asked if Laura needed a pizza box for her leftovers, or if a small one would do.  She said the small one was fine, but it was not - the crust didn't even fit in!

On Wednesday the 10th it was Ace's birthday (guy from upstairs) so I went with him and his roommate Andre to Epcot's Food and Wine again.  We did have a super new stop, Via Napoli, the pizzeria restaurant in the Italy Pavilion, where Ace got a birthday dessert...as a disclaimer, this picture was taken by Andre, not me, but it was my favorite one.

Right inside the restaurant - the chandelier at the entrance.

Even the German train set people were celebrating Food and Wine.

Ace dancing with Snow White...she wanted him ready for his princess.

The Frida Kahlo chair in the tequila bar in the Mexico Pavilion.

Ace and Aurora

Ace and Alice

Tuesday was my last Am Gard shift, and it was the worst of all - the 20 year old girls were crazy for Hanson!  I spent the whole time getting people in line to wait.  Good thing I had a cosmo slushie earlier in the afternoon (along with some chocolate creme brulee)!

And how we felt afterwards - Alex gnawing on the partially finished gingerbread house at America.

Monday I came over to enjoy Food and Wine in its last week before my class.  These were both winners from China, and I was happy to note that the ice cream is regularly available, because it was a great blend of flavors, and a nice big portion too!  The black pepper shrimp was delicious as well.

After class I actually made it to a College Program event (the first one) as it was an hour after my class right there in the same complex, Chatham Square.  I did not win anything, but I think that was the largest group to ever do the cupid shuffle together that I'll be in.

Sunday the 7th I caught Pooh having a temper tantrum over Duffy the Disney Bear.  In this picture he is in the middle of stomping on Duffy.  Hilarious.

Saturday I had more Food and Wine before work...obviously.  The shrimp cake was very tasty.

Friday I'm guessing I went to work, maybe had some Food and Wine after or before or during if I had a lunch break, but I don't have any photos and I'm in the Learning Center now trying to get this published, so I don't have access to my schedule.  Also, I've been at this for several hours now, so my brain is fried and I want to be done.  So...here's some Spaceship Earth awesomeness.

Thursday I went and took a picture of my winning coloring contest entry.  I don't think I've won a coloring contest for about 20 years, since Kodak used to do that for its summer employee festival, so I was very excited.  I even got a text picture from Alex featuring the same thing when he found it!

On Wednesday I went and did character auditions for this coming semester.  I did great at the first dance so I made it through to the second, which I rehearsed really well and crapped up in the audition.  No matter, it was great fun anyway, and it's actually good that I didn't have to stay longer - I was there 5 and a half hours, and I heard that those that made it were there 7!  We did it at the DAK rehearsal rooms, which also house costuming, so it was fun to have a reason to be in there.  It's actually a really nice facility.

Tuesday I worked the Boys II Men concert, and these are pictures from Monday when I had an amazing seat.  Tuesday was the wettest day ever, and so a little miserable to work the concert, but it was still a good show.  I was fortunately at the back, but there were still crazy people to deal with back there.  I was just glad that I wasn't at the front where they were rushing the stage.

Monday the first was the last day for Halloween decorations at the MK, at least for sure, as it was the last day of MNSSHP, so I went before class to take last minute pictures.

On my way back to catch the bus we had to stop for traffic clearance, so I got a great picture by the Poly.

After class I headed to Epcot to catch Boys II Men, and I stumbled into an awesome seat, but I posted the pictures above for Tuesday, so after that I went to the Poly Beach with Alex (who was one of the poor people working the concert) to catch the last Hallowishes.  Amazing.  Again.

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