Saturday, February 5, 2011

December 2nd was an awesome night where I took hundreds of pictures, and that's the reason that I was so annoyed to lose my pictures earlier.  Laura took me to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party as my Christmas present, and the two of us had a great time.

Snowing on Main Street

Time for some hot chocolate and cookies - and we needed the hot chocolate!  It was freezing!

The Seven Dwarfs were out in Fantasyland

And then it was parade time

May be hard to see, but great facial expressions on Alice and the Mad Hatter.

The Big Cheese!

Snowflakes in action

As well as ice skaters

Daisy and Donald


Chip and Dale

Those dwarfs were all over!

I told you it was cold - even Snow White was wearing gloves!

Cinderella's Royal Carriage

Royal Dancers

Repurposed Celebrate a Dream Come True float

Candy Cane Elves - so cute!

Repurposed Halloween Goofy float...

More dancers

Woody's Roundup

And the coolest part of the whole parade - the toy soldiers.  They were really playing their instruments!

For me?!?

Reindeer! One of them is from UNC.

And finally, the big man himself - Santa!

The End! (of the parade, that is...still plenty going on)

I think it's time for some more hot chocolate!

Just in time for the fireworks.

The neatest part were the projections on the castle.

Smiley face! and projections.


Then we saw Stitch's Stage show in Tomorrowland.

Along with fitting in a few rides - The teacups were our last ride of the night.

December 1st I opened the first of my Christmas packages - this cute little tree to decorate our apartment!  This is from day 2 after I opened the ornaments for it.

November 30th I evidently watched Illuminations...I want to guess it was on my lunch break.  Looking at the France bridge - I love seeing people backlit by the fireworks and pyrotechnics.

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