Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Monday the 29th of November I went to go explore the Christmas decorations at the Epcot resorts.  First over to the Beach Club

where they have the chocolate carousel.

Chip and Dale have a little house there too.

Can you see the hidden gold Mickey in this picture?  This was the hardest one for me to find.

The Christmas tree in the lobby.

Then over to the Yacht Club

where they had a train set.

Snowboarder down!

Then over to the Boardwalk

where they had the gingerbread gazebo.

Stitch crashed Donald and Daisy's party this year.

Donald stuck in the chimney.

There was a train set at the bottom too, with the Boardwalk stores on the cars.

I stopped into Thimbles and Threads on my way to the Studios.

Hollywood Studios!

I ran into the Block Party Bash.

Then I went back to Epcot that night to watch the Candlelight again.

The sign language translator was absolutely amazing - she honestly was singing with her whole body.

John O'Hurly narrated, and he did an excellent job.

Sunday the 28th I did not take any pictures, but they had put up some new decorations at the International Gateway which I took pictures of on Monday.

On Saturday I didn't have to close, so I met up with Mom, Dad, Laura, and Tony for the Candlelight Processional.  It was the first one that I've ever seen, and it was a great program.

Isabella Rossilini was the narrator. I know you can't really tell it's her, but she's there in the center in a red jacket.

Friday I worked some more, and it looks like I got to walk to the lagoon - here's Canada at night when we were closing up, about 1:30 in the morning.

Thursday the 25th was Thanksgiving! I had "dinner" with Mom, Dad, Laura and Tony at their house early so that I could get to work later.  It was delicious.

Then we had Thanksgiving dinner at work - also delicious!

Wednesday the 24th was the day before Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure that I worked, and that Mom and Dad flew in.  No pictures from that day, but we had Christmas trees decorating the Cast Service hallway for most of the month, which I took a picture of on Saturday morning.

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