Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It has been a very long time since I have updated, as I basically gave up on the internet and have been living without it.  However, today I have taken my very first real day off - I didn't go anywhere and had no plans besides laundry, mostly in the hope of getting rid of my cold, but it's given me some time to sit here and finally add some pictures.  So, back a month...

Tuesday November the 23rd was another day off, and I spent it looking at Christmas decorations.  I stopped by Epcot first

and saw a film crew ready to do the same thing.

Over to the Polynesian

where Auntie encouraged me to make a lei.

On the way to the Grand Floridian.

GF lobby

Hidden mickey on the gingerbread house.

All alone on the bus to Animal Kingdom.  

I headed over to watch the Jingle Jungle Parade.

I finally found the hidden baloo!

Of course the gift shops are decked out too.

Then to the contemporary.

And Hollywood Studios! The Friendship dock.

The entrance tree.

Inside on Hollywood Blvd.

In front of MuppetVision.

And on the Streets of America.

Where it snows!

On Monday the 22nd, I had a day off and so I brought my car to the AAA Car Care center by the Magic Kingdom.  I then walked myself over to the MK, passing by the raceway on my way.

I was going to meet my boat captain friend Alex (the one down in the last post giving the thumbs up) there after his haircut, and we ended up staying until a little after 6.  More Christmas decorations were up!

The musicians were all out.

The new queue area for Winnie the Pooh is visible - a significant improvement over what was there before, and it makes me excited for the new Fantasyland.

Rainstorms bring rainbows...

Enjoying my first turkey leg!

On the 21st I went to the Mall of Millennia to try and figure out if I needed a new charger for my iPod shuffle.  It was not a fruitful trip, as Florida malls are the craziest thing I have ever seen, but I did get to take lots of pretty pictures of the Christmas decorations.

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