Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to it

So I never put my Sony pictures up, but I figured I should finish this project up and have a completed 365...or at least the 9 months-worth that I was there.  I have been looking through the pictures lately ordering prints for my scrapbooks, which makes me very nostalgic for WDW.  I miss being there a lot.

There's a slight gap between the last post and the newest pictures - I had to wait about a week to get my new camera, but I do love my new little Sony.  I think you'll see that in the pictures!

Monday, December 13 my roommates and I used our free pass to DisneyQuest - we had an awesome time on the vintage games, but like everyone else I've talked to, they found the virtual stuff to be pretty urpy.

Then I met my sister over at Team Disney

because we were going to ICE at the Gaylord Palms that night.

Everything is carved out of ice - they import artisans from China (apparently a lot of talented ice artists there). It was themed after the Night Before Christmas.

That includes the slide!

This was the part I was the most impressed with - a whole nativity scene that was very intricate.  However, my hands were so cold by that point that we had to leave pretty quick!

The hotel itself was very well-appointed for the holiday as well!

December 12 I made a wreath to represent the Friendships in a WSC contest - it didn't win, but I'm still proud of it.  This was the first day they were up and displayed for voting.

Then as I was walking to WSC I found some characters out training - this was my favorite shot (taken by myself, thank you!)

Then our late night tradition - good times at Waffle House after our shift, still dressed as captains.  The night crew got to know us pretty well by the end.

December 11 after Epcot closed - great view of the Christmas tree. It looks like I got to walk back - that's too steady a picture for being from a boat.

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