Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Saturday December 18th my roommate Andrea made cookies! They were delicious!

We went out that night to celebrate our roommate Haley's birthday at the Portabello Yacht Club.  This is what happens when other people take pictures...a little blurry, but at least I'm in one...in my costume because I came straight from work.

It was misting when we left which made downtown look really interesting.

Then back home we finished celebrating!

No pictures from Thursday, and Friday was really from very early morning Saturday.  It counts because we were still awake from Friday night's shift.  Another awesome time at Waffle House.  This is what Disney employees look like after they get to leave - tired and surly.

I took one picture on Wednesday the 15th in our Learning Center at Epcot - decorated for the holidays.

Tuesday the 14th was our graduation ceremony from the College Program.  We celebrated with a cookout at Camp Minnie-Mickey - only in Florida! It was still cold as evidenced by the hoodie, hat, and borrowed costume peacoat.

With my roommates...Andrea, myself, and Laura

Then with Haley

and Avery, my actual room-mate

All of us together for lunch (added Chrissy, final roommate)

I stuck around to meet up with my boat captain friends.  Here we are in line to get photos with Mickey and Minnie.  Justin, James, Paul, myself and Chad in the front.

My turn with Mickey and Minnie!

Line dancing with the characters - awesome.

The boat captains didn't want to end our day, so we decided to meet at DHS for the OFSoDL.  Let me see if these panoramic shots work here.  I think they better express how engulfed you are by lights.

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